Chipper Chi 350Workshops are open to whoever wishes to attend – the only requirement is that participants attend voluntarily. Each of the three levels of AVP workshops runs 18-21 hours and is facilitated by a team of unpaid volunteers. A workshop may span a weekend or be offered in a series of two-day chunks.

Mini-workshops for demonstration purposes are also available. These can help your organization understand what AVP is all about before you commit to a full weekend workshop.

People who have taken the Basic and Advanced level AVP workshops and desire to become active AVP volunteers can take the Training for Facilitators. This workshop qualifies people to join a facilitator team as apprentices.

If you would like to support the work of AVP, you can:

  • Sponsor a workshop in your community

  • Introduce AVP to your local organization with a mini-workshop

  • Make available a site for holding a workshop

  • Offer your talents in website or social media development

  • Support an AVP prison program

  • Offer overnight hospitality when facilitators lead a workshop in your area

  • Provide food or child care for participants at workshops

  • Contribute financially to help AVP pay for workshop materials and travel expenses

Contact us for more information:

By mail:

AVP-New Jersey

P.O. Box 10

Neptune, NJ 07754-0100


By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.